Robo-Advisor Performance Ranking 2020

Out of 26 Robo-Advisors featured on, the following 19 were included in this ranking: 200Deep, Acorns, Aspiration, AssetBuilder, Axos Invest, Betterment, Charles Schwab, Ellevest, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, M1 Finance, Morgan Stanley, SigFig, SoFi Wealth, Sogo Marketriders, Stash Invest, TIAA, Wealthfront, Wealthsimple.

The remaining firms did not disclose sufficient information.

Retirement Portfolios

Our 2020 US Robo-Advisor Performance Ranking compares the 2019 full-year performance of over 300 portfolios from 19 robo-advisors across all investment categories, from the most aggressive to the most conservative. Wealthfront wins best performing “retirement” portfolio in four out of five categories. Sogo Marketriders and Stash also performing well in some of the categories.

Just Invest Portfolios

In 2019 the S&P 500 was up 30%, but not all robo-advisors were able to deliver accordingly for investors. Especially, incumbents such as JP Morgan, Charles Schwab and Morgan Stanley had a difficult year. The top standout for best performing taxable “just invest” portfolios was TIAA, winning a top three spot in each of the Growth, Balanced, Income and Conservative categories.

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Whether you consider to invest for that rainy day or retirement, investing is about transparency and making informed decisions – with past performance being one of several factors to consider.