Nummo security

We are serious about security, so you can focus on improving your financial health.

Top notch security

Ensuring the security of our products is our top priority. We keep your data secure by using advanced end-to-end encryption. We have enhanced Nummo security features designed to safeguard your information. In addition, we continuously perform internal assessments and external security audits.

Our partners and certifications

At Nummo we believe that security is paramount. We host our infrastructure within Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). AWS hosting service and data storage is trusted by the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Amazon’s data center operations have been accredited under: ISO 27001, SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, PCI Level 1, FISMA Moderate and SOX. We use Extended Validation (EV) certificate issued by Digicert.

Nummo Security

End-to-End encryption

We use a 256-bit SSL encryption, so only you can see your information. With the assistance of asymmetric cryptography and the highest security standard practices we ensure that your data is safe. For complete confidentiality, we never store your online banking credentials (i.e., your credentials never touch our servers) and we cannot access them, so you remain in complete control. To safeguard your data when you use Nummo we provide you with read-only access.

Two-factor authentication

Access Nummo safely using our Nummo Access app. Our 2FA (two-factor authentication) method provides you with an enhanced security layer. Once you log in to your Nummo account, you request a secure code. The Nummo Access app will then give you a one-time PIN code (valid for two minutes), which is used to access your Nummo account. To receive the code, download our Nummo Access app, log in and get started in just a few steps.

We safeguard your data

We use advanced aggregation technology to securely connect to over 19,000 financial institutions. Select your financial institution and enter your online banking credentials (as mentioned before we never store them). After you insert your credentials we receive an encrypted token, which provides you with read-only access to your financial information. For extra Nummo security reasons money cannot be moved, and nobody can access your financial accounts.

Multiple security layers

At Nummo we apply the highest security standard. Some banks and credit card providers have additional security measures in place. These include MFA (multi-factor authentication) using security codes, challenge questions or phone confirmation. If so, you will be prompted to answer the question as if you were accessing your online banking portal. MFA measures vary depending on the financial institution. Most institutions make it simple and secure to connect your accounts.

Nummo Bank-level security

Account aggregation infrastructure

We keep your data up-to-date by using multiple aggregation sources when you connect your accounts. We always apply end-to-end encryption so only you can see your information.