About us

Nummo is a personal financial management platform that empowers you to live better by helping you manage, maintain and improve your financial health.

Empowering you to live better

We give you the tools to better understand your personal finances and optimize them so you can improve your financial health and manage your money easily in one place. We consolidate and analyze your financial situation, help you understand your finances and provide you with conflict-free options to choose from.

Help others start good money habits

Join our community to connect and share your views about banks, financial advisors and more. Watch short videos and learn about basic financial terminology or complex economic concepts. Post your views and help others make more informed decisions. Everybody can use a little help.

Independent and 100% conflict-free

Nummo is not connected to any financial institution or product provider. We do not accept any financial incentives, kickbacks or commissions from any financial institutions, investment firms or robo-advisors. Nor do we receive any financial incentives from credit card or mortgage companies. Because of that there is never a conflict of interest.

We make money by being honest

Many in the financial industry operate on major kickback schemes. Selling specific third-party products to get paid more. Since this is rarely disclosed, you don’t know how badly you are being ripped off. And you never know if a product is really in your best interest. With Nummo, there’s never a conflict of interest. Nummo is and will always be free. To maintain our independence and offer you even more powerful features we built Nummo Premium. Get Premium to access many additional benefits and features for just a few bucks a month.